It's cold. So we figured, hey, let's have a string band festival...

JANUARY 19-21, 2006

The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Winter Hoedown

Thursday, January 19
Freddy's Backroom
Friday, January 20
Freddy's Backroom
Saturday, January 21
Freddy's Backroom
The Kings County Opry Show

830pm The Song Circle

930pm Alicia Jo Rabins & The Hazel Boys

1030pm Jan Bell & the Cheap Dates

String Band Sillyness

915pm Sufferin' Succotash

1030pm Nate Landau & Dave Green

1145pm Michael Daves Blugrass Mob

Marathon Madness

4pm Dock & Alex

515pm American String Conspiracy

630pm Graveyard Shift featuring Izzy Landau

8pm M Shanghai String Band

915pm Norris

1030pm The Y'All Stars

1145pm The Roulette Sisters